How much is an Audi MOT?

How much does an Audi MOT cost? First of all, you should get informed about all options you have.

The costs of an MOT differ from one garage to another, but the average price for a one-hour official Audi MOT is £90. MOTs can be cheaper in the case of Audi garages or independent German car garages.

In official Audi Centres, there are several benefits that apply to Audi owners who respect certain conditions. For instance, a replaced cam belt means unlimited MOTs. This feature covers all the costs involved in testing the vehicles. Also, the feature is applicable only in participating Audi Centres.

In private garages, the cost of an MOT can start from £50 and reach even £300. In non-Audi garages, the prices can be lower.

So, how much is an Audi MOT? It strongly depends on what option you go with. From official Audi Centres to private garages, you have to choose the one that works best for your vehicle. Get a quote from all service garages you are interested in and only decide after carefully analysing each of them.

How long does an MOT take?

A regular MOT test won’t take longer than 60 minutes. The time differs from one garage to another, depending on whether the technicians are specialised in the vehicle’s brand or not. A regular MOT test can take around 40 minutes if the car is in good condition and has no problems. If the car requires repair work, the time involved can extend, depending on the car owner’s preferences.

Most garages let people know how long the MOT should take when they give the quote to the client. You might save some time if you choose an official Audi garage instead of a non-Audi one, as their technicians deal with Audi MOTs every single day and are more familiar with the common faults and issues on Audi cars.