Common MOT Faults & Issues on Audi Vehicles

There are several factors that can cause an MOT failure in Audi vehicles. The pass rate for Audi MOTs finds itself around 80%, which is a reasonable percentage. The rest of 20% fail because of:

  • Electrical equipment – digital dashboard issues, console issues, lights, failed tailed lamps.

  • Tyres – low tyre tread, bulges or sidewall damage.

  • Suspension – issues with the shock absorbers.

  • Brakes – soft brake pedal, warped front rotors, bad front tires.

  • Emissions – exhaust, pollutants, engine, control system.

  • Steering – hydraulic power issues, belt drive, power steering fluid leaks and many other.

Most Popular Audi Car Models and Potential Issues

Some common problems with Audi A4s include failed circuit boards, faults in the catalytic converter or persistent gearbox problems. Audi A4 owners can encounter faults and issues such as engine oil leaks or electrical interferences when they run an MOT. Other glitches found in Audi A4s have to do with steering alignment, clogged drains or ignition coils. These may vary depending on how old or used the vehicle is.


For Audi A6s, software issues are the most common, followed by an excessive oil use or engine vibration due to the dual-mass flywheel. Turbo Charger replacement is quite common as well with this series of vehicles. The common problems with Audi A6s might also include bad coil packs which is a result of long-time usage, a faulty Multitronic CVT or intake valve issues.


There are numerous common problems with Audi Q5s, ranging from a heavy oil consumption to daytime lights issues. Q5s are known for the issues they have with the DRL control unit, as well as the software that often produces disconnection from the battery. Resetting the software management system or upgrading it should fix disconnection issues. As for car parts, the panoramic roof should be checked and lubricated often.


The most common problems with Audi TTs include coil pack issues, that lead to an overall poor vehicle performance. The engine is often misfiring in Audi TTs, which means that the coil pack has to be revised. The instrument cluster also shows signs of failure in Audi TT MOTs, as well as suspension problems that are related to faulty anti-roll bushes.