Audi MOT Test Centre Near Me

Having a professional MOT test starts with finding the right centre for the job. In the UK, there are auto garages in just about every neighbourhood, but not all of them have the tools and staff to carry out a thorough vehicle check in accordance with Audi quality standards.

To find the best Audi MOT test centre, you need to check for several criteria. First, the centre must be authorised, and second, it should have a good reputation. Your safety and the lifespan of your Audi vehicle depend on how well the inspectors do their job, so we cannot overstate how important it is not to cut corners and go for the cheapest option.

How do I find an Audi MOT test centre near me?

When the time comes to check your Audi vehicle for road worthiness, there are several places where you can start your search:

Google Search

Search engines have come a long way, so simply typing “Audi MOT test centre near me” in Google will bring up the approved garages that have a convenient location. You can also look at their location on the map, get their business hours, website and contact details to get in touch.

Audi car forums

After you’ve made a list of approved Audi MOT test centres near you, it’s time to check which option is the best. Look up each name separately to see if there are any online reviews and avoid the ones for which you can’t find a lot of background information. For your peace of mind, go with a well-established centre that has many satisfied clients. Recommendations from other Audi car owners are even better, so if you don’t already have one, create an account on an Audi car forum to ask about their experience. Audi Owners Club, and Audi Forums are excellent starting points.

As is the case with all services, you’ll come across positive and negative reviews. Every driver is different and a professional test centre may have mixed reviews for the wrong reason. However, it is your responsibility as a vehicle owner to weigh these reviews and check for the things that matter most to you.

A couple of negative reviews aren’t necessarily a warning sign, but for your safety you should avoid the ones that have below 3.5 stars. Also, as convenient as it might be to go to an MOT centre that’s just a short drive away, don’t use location as the only criterion. A longer drive is worth it if you get better service.