When is my Audi MOT due?

Besides offering the information above, our tool will also offer relevant information when is the due date of your Audi MOT, for those Audi owners who can’t clearly remember the date of their last MOT test.

Use the MOT checker to find out all the information above.

MOT Checker

MOT Check Page

If you don’t know exactly when your MOT certificate runs out, you can easily find out this piece of information by using smart apps and tools. You can easily check your Audi MOT status by introducing the registration plate number in the designated field. What details will you find out by doing so?

Check my Audi MOT Status and Past Test Results

Once you introduce your plate registration number, you will be provided with the results, as soon as the centre has them. To find out where past MOT tests where performed, you need to introduce the 11-digit V5C code/number from your vehicle’s log book. Information regarding the location of the MOT test are only available after 14 days from the test, so remember this when you check your Audi’s MOT status. You will also find out more than previously described.

  • If your vehicle passed of failed past MOT tests.

  • The mileage recorded at the test date.

  • What parts failed each previous MOT test and what parts only showed minor issues.