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5th July 2019

According to media reports from China, Audi will build a full-electric compact at SAIC Motor in China, a Shanghai-based plant.

4th July 2019

In 2019, Audi brings back the Sportback and Coupé vehicle forms, these models coming as limited-run special editions.

3rd July 2019

It’s 2019 and auto manufacturers are changing the future of sports cars as we know them. The latest instalment of this disruptive trend: the all-new, all-electric Audi TT.

2nd July 2019

Audi recalls 31 of its E-Tron models over fire concerns. The measure was preventive, none of the owners reporting incidents.

Audi Online Guides and Forums

Audi owners are most certainly interested in finding more information about their vehicles. Fortunately, some online communities out there share their passion for Audi cars. Finding reliable sources and online guides and forums on Audi vehicles is mandatory if you also want to get useful information about common Audi issues and faults. Below we have a short list of great online resources for Audi drivers or car enthusiasts who are thinking of purchasing an Audi.

Audi Owners Club

The platform is one of the most resourceful websites around the web, targeted at the Audi owners around the world. Besides featuring a resourceful forum and a friendly community, at you will also find important news in the automotive industry, especially concerning Audi owners, as well as an online shop, featuring Audi accessories, and a variety of other Audi-themed print items.

VW Audi Forum

At you can find a community targeted at the owners of vehicles from the whole VW Group, including Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti and Porsche. Here, visitors can find the latest news in the industry but also about their favourite vehicles, a friendly and always-informed community of car lovers. The forum is packed with useful information and an array of pertinent opinions and responses about vehicle issues and potential fixes.


At you will find a friendly community of Audi owners, an Audi parts shop, wallet-friendly insurance solutions and a multitude of news in the automotive industry. Visitors can also find a reliable marketplace, where they can sell to and buy from their favourite Audi models.


You can find the latest news in the industry if you visit the platform. There is a dedicated section where a nice and welcoming community waits for those who want to debate their Audi faults and find out potential fixes. A page with Audi garage reviews is also available if you want to find the best garage in your area, so check that out as well.