Whether you drive an A8, an A1, or any other Audi model in between, it’s very important to make sure your vehicle is safe and road worthy.

Periodic servicing is the proper way to ensure your Audi model continues to perform optimally. Apart from being compulsory, a complete, updated Audi MOT and service history is also a good way to increase the potential resale value of your vehicle, should you decide to replace it in the near future.

On this website, you will find easy-to-use tools to check your MOT status and find out when your Audi MOT is due, as well as informative resources to guide you through the process of locating the best Audi MOT test centre near you.

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Why is MOT testing important?

As you know by now, you are legally obligated to have a MOT test according to specific Audi ownership requirements within the UK. All cars that are over 3 years old should be checked to ensure they meet environmental and road safety standards. Audi specialists recommend MOT tests within a fixed interval for vehicles with special requirements. Other variables will be informed to you through the sensors located in your Audi’s engine, or other vehicle components.

Nowadays, cutting edge technologies as well as advanced inspection techniques are being used by MOT specialists to ensure a thorough check-up and provide more accurate results compared to a regular car inspection. From fuel system and brakes to lights and exhaust system, you will be informed if your Audi vehicle is in good condition. And while the routine MOT check might not be that fun to think about, it helps your car run for longer and deliver top-notch performance with each drive.

What should service specialists check during a MOT inspection?

In order for the MOT services to rise up to standard, you should only resort to authorised centres. During a MOT check, UK Audi specialists will look at the following:

  • The usage of genuine Audi parts solely - no exceptions.

  • A MOT test customised around your needs and requirements for proper convenience.

  • MOTs are performed entirely by Audi trained technicians, who are qualified and experienced to carry out the inspection by the book.

Keep your Audi running perfectly and maintain the safety status of the vehicle by understanding the importance of regular MOTs and hiring the right specialists for the job. A car that is able to function to its full potential, one that can provide you with a seamless, comfortable and safe driving experience, needs to have all servicing demands in-check, so book your MOT test on time!